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Python User Group Meeting April 2014: Building Interpreters with PyPy

10.04.2014 19:00 Uhr
10.04.2014 22:00 Uhr
Adalbertstraße 8
10999 Berlin

"Daniel Neuhäuser: Building Interpreters with PyPy

Building interpreters is essentially fairly simple. Building them in high-level languages however, typically does not lead to implementations with reasonable performance and implementing complex optimizations can be difficult.

PyPy – well known for its fast Python interpreter – provides a toolchain that is capable of compiling RPython, a statically typed subset of Python; garbage collection and just-in-time compilation. This makes it possible to create fast interpreters without the complexity introduced by low-level languages or complex optimizations.

In this talk we are going to use that toolchain, to build an interpreter with an incremental generational garbage collector and just-in-time compilation for BASIC, that's easy to understand.

No prior knowledge of interpreters or parsing is required.

Lightning Talks

There will also be the opportunity to give lightning talks. Please register yours on this EtherPad.


At about 8.30 pm we will move to a nearby restaurant, usually the Kuchen-Kaiser at Oranienplatz."

Python User Group auf meetup (Stand: 09.04.2014)

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