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SerNet GmbH

SerNet GmbH

nicer networks.

AnsprechpartnerFrau Dr. Chen-Yu Lin

HomepageSerNet GmbH

E-Mailkontakt [at] sernet [dot] de

AdresseTorstraße 6
10119 Berlin

Telefon+49 30 5 779 779 0

Fax+49 30 5 779 779 9


SerNet is the leading service provider regarding the open source software SAMBA, an GPLv3 licensed software toolset for interoperability in mixed environments, authentication and private cloud computing. Refer to

SerNet publishes the leading open source solution for information security management "verinice.". Refer to for more information.

Ich suche

JAVA developers for verinice. Highest skilled system administrators for Linux, Open BSD etc.

Ich biete

open source services, information security, compliance, governance and more.
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