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Karl Beecher

I'm an experienced information technology professional. I provide a wide range of services, especially in free and open source software.

HomepageDr. Karl Beecher

E-Mailmail [at] karlbeecher [dot] com

AdresseApostel-Paulus-Str. 28
10823 Berlin


Development and Consultancy

Organisations which need to produce software sometimes face problems.

- Non-technical organisations often have no-one on their staff with the required technical skills.
- Even technical organisations, who might be in a position to produce it themselves, may not have the required time or capacity.

These are ideal situations to call in temporary outside help.

This is where I come in. I can help your organisation by sharing my knowledge and skills in software development so you can get your job done. I work by:

- Developing software: not just the code, but any artefact like requirements, design documentation, tools or support environments.
- Consulting: advising or training people on specific aspects of software development.

I can work remotely or on-site integrated into your team.

Training and Education

Also, thanks to my academic background, I have valuable experience in IT education. As a PhD-level computer scientist and experienced teacher, I can offer training services to companies and educational organisations.

Ich suche

New business opportunities, new contacts and clients, challenging projects.

Ich biete

Comprehensive range of skills, high level of expertise, enthusiasm and attention to quality.