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Karl Beecher

Karl Beecher

I'm an experienced information technology professional. I provide a wide range of services, especially in free and open source software.

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E-Mailmail [at] karlbeecher [dot] com

AdresseApostel-Paulus-Str. 28
10823 Berlin


Development and Consultancy

Organisations which need to produce software sometimes face problems.

- Non-technical organisations often have no-one on their staff with the required technical skills.
- Even technical organisations, who might be in a position to produce it themselves, may not have the required time or capacity.

These are ideal situations to call in temporary outside help.

This is where I come in. I can help your organisation by sharing my knowledge and skills in software development so you can get your job done. I work by:

Ich suche

New business opportunities, new contacts and clients, challenging projects.

Ich biete

Comprehensive range of skills, high level of expertise, enthusiasm and attention to quality.
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