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Endocode AG

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Endocode AG

We are inspired by open source methodologies. We practice these within Endocode and help clients do the same.

HomepageEndocode AG

E-Mailinfo [at] endocode [dot] com

AdresseJohannisstr. 20
10117 Berlin

Telefon030 1206 4472


Endocode AG is an employee-owned, shareholder company based in Berlin, Germany providing professional IT services with a focus on open source technologies.

The combined knowledge of Endocode's team adds up to decades of experience in software development and open source communities. Be it web, mobile, server or desktop we use open source solutions to meet any challenge.

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Clients who need to adopt new software or adapt their existing systems to change.

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We specialise in helping you manage change in your organisation. In our considerable experience, we find open source technology to be the key to managing change flexibly and effectively.

Karl Beecher

Karl Beecher

HomepageDr. Karl Beecher

E-Mailmail [at] karlbeecher [dot] com



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